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The automatic wash does a fantastic job. I often use the wand bays very powerful.

Jim Robinson

The best. No brushes or direct contact with the vehicle. You have approximately 6 options and I guarantee that you will not get a better wash anywhere.

Rich Winget

This is the best touchless carwash I have found. I went for the $12 wash, and it blasted off almost all of the bugs on the front of my truck after driving all the way from Seattle, WA.


One of the coolest and most convenient carwashes around. You can operate everything via your card and you only have to swipe it once....options to do vacuuming, automatic washes, manual, as well as disposable items can all be purchased through a card or cash. Super convenient!

Keegan Nicholson

Great place to get a good wash best in town

Tammy Petterson

Everything worked, including the credit card system. It even counted up how much I'd spent so far on the display, and there was a full description of each phase and product on a big poster, unlike every other car wash I've been to where the purpose of things like "Triple Foam" are a mystery.

They also have a dog wash!

Stephen Frost

Credit card payment system makes the wash easy to use. Equipment is always in working condition and grounds are clean.

Kim Ropp

I wash our rugs here often and will be back. Great location and rig comes out clean.

Scott Payne

It's a good car wash. I like that the machine wash is touchless and works very efficiently. There's usually a good wait and one of the bays is out of order, but it's one of the best machine washes in Bozeman in my opinion.

Jacob Torgerson

You spray the car yourself and they take credit card. This is ideal when the there is mud involved. I really appreciate a place like this. They have a drive through as well but I did not use this

Adam Lowe