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Bridger Bubbles Car & Dog Wash​​

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30 Venture Way - Bozeman,MT 59718 - N. 19th & Springhill Rd.

Water Wizards

Bridger Bubbles has two water wizards (Thouchless Automatics) to serve your dirty car or truck needs.  They are state of the art with 4 different washes to choose from. 

Self-serve Dog Wash

Treat your dog to a spa day @ our heated dog wash. Our dog wash is open 24/7 and will get the dirtiest of dogs clean.

 Self-serve Wash Bays

We have three self-serve wash bays, six vacuums, and one interior/uphostry shampooer.
We also have a full line of vending products.  

Our Team

Gary Reiser

Matt Figgins


  1. Wash Bay
    Wash Bay
    We have 3 self-serve bays. The high pressure water will clean the dirtiest vehicles.
  2. Vacuums
    At Bridger Bubbles we stride high to provide quality vacuums with very high suction. You have 6 Vacuums and 1 Shampooer to choose from .
  3. Vending Products
    Vending Products
    Don't forget the inside .. We have ArmorAll Wipes, Glass Cleaner, Leather Wipes, Cloth Towels , and Large Paper Shams.
  4. Swipe-N-Clean
    Our state of the art Swipe-N-Clean is a computer linking all of our devices together. With one swipe of your card you can use any of our devices and get a single receipt. You can also purchase a pre-pay and save over 20%.